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iPhones are designed to take amazing photos and videos with their front and back cameras. Each new iPhone model further increased the quality of the camera to capture some of the best moments in your life. However, you might need a front & back camera repair service if you drop your phone and crack your cameras.

Professional Front & Back Camera Repair

A cracked or broken camera will prevent you from taking amazing photos. Your photos might be blurred or your Camera app on your iPhone might not even start if your camera is broken. At Repair Hello USA, we offer a comprehensive front and back camera repair service to give the functionality of your phone back.

Front & Back Camera Problems

The broken camera lens is one of the most common front & back camera problems. If your camera lens is broken or cracked, you will not be able to take good photos. You need to have a front & back camera repair service and fix your cameras.

If you drop your phone, the camera module in your iPhone might be damaged. Although the camera lens is intact, a damaged camera module might prevent you from using your front or back camera as well. In this case, you might need a complete camera module replacement.

High-Quality Parts for Front & Back Camera Repair

If you experience a front & back camera problem, you can contact our expert team to find a solution for your problem. At Repair Hello USA, we work with the best suppliers to select high-quality spare parts to fix your iPhone camera problem. All of the spare parts that are used in your iPhone are genuine parts that ensure a durable and long phone use. The camera is carefully repaired or replaced by our expert team members. All of our team members across the US are trained to handle your iPhone correctly regardless of the model.

Our team can work with different iPhone models such as iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Since all of these iPhone models have different front and back cameras, it is important to carefully handle the camera on each model. You will receive high-quality parts for your front or back iPhone camera depending on your problem.

In some cases, you might only need a front or back camera replacement. In others, both of the cameras on your iPhone might be replaced. This will entirely depend on the state of your iPhone. Sometimes only one camera on your iPhone might be damaged. If your iPhone has multiple back cameras, the entire module must be replaced. It is not possible to replace one camera on the entire back camera module. However, back camera repair is an option if only one of the cameras on your multi-camera module is broken.

Expert Team for Seamless Experience

Since different iPhone models have a different number of back and front cameras, it is important to understand the technical details of the iPhone. Any incorrect intervention might cause permanent damage to your iPhone or iPhone camera. To avoid any undesired results, we only work with an expert team and use high-quality spare parts.  

Each member in our teams across the US is trained to handle the camera problems of different iPhone models. We follow a strict set of rules to ensure high quality and seamless repair and replacement experience. Repair Hello USA has a dedicated team across the US for front & back camera repair services for different iPhone models.

With our dedicated teams across the country, you can easily contact us if you experience any problems with your iPhone camera. Our team can work with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 cameras. Once you contact our team, we will assess the scope of your camera problem. Based on the results of the assessment, we will find the most suitable repair option to meet your requirements.

How to Make a Front & Back Camera Appointment?

Repair Hello USA designed an appointment system to make the entire process easier for you. When you need a front & back camera repair service for your iPhone, you can choose one of the two options. The first option you can choose is to use our website to book an appointment in your city. If you choose this option, you need to provide us with some details and information about your iPhone. Our team members will need to know your iPhone model and the scope of your problem to choose high-quality spare parts.

The second option you can choose to benefit from our services is to call us. When you call us via our contact information, our team members will handle your requests and transfer you to the team that will fix your problem. Again, you need to provide certain details and information about your iPhone. For example, we need to know your iPhone model to supply the genuine camera part to repair your phone.

At Repair Hello USA, we only work with trusted suppliers and trusted spare parts to ensure high customer satisfaction. You can book an appointment to receive our services at your door. Our repair team can come to your door to fix your iPhone. In addition to that, you can bring your iPhone to one of our service shops for faster repair service.

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